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Kill The Monster (2021)

0 Minutes      PG       0

Genre: Fantasy
Director: Lee Lik-Chi

Storyline: The tomb of Yan Dong, the former head of the Six Horsemen Division in Chang'an, is hit by tomb robbers and the Xuanmao pearl, which was used to suppress the demon king, is stolen, leading to the rise of demons in Chang'an City and the unrest of the people. The Chief Steward, Eunuch Fish (Luo Jiaying), orders Ma San (Wu Mengda), Wang Zhuge (Jia Bing) and Lei Yan (Xu Dongdong) of the Six Horsemen Division to suppress the demons and hunt for the pearl, and to hatch a terrifying plot.

Print: 720p WEB-DL
Released: 08 January, 2021