Monster Hunt


Monster Hunt
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Monster Hunt

Genre: Comedy, Action, Fantasy

Director: Raman Hui
Starring: Eric Tsang, Wei Tang, Baihe Bai

Plot: IMDB:
The cute baby monster Huba is the child of a human man and a monster queen, threatened by both monster-hating humans and monsters attempting to capture the new-born in an ancient world based on medieval China.

Rotten Tomatoes:
Humans have been at war against monsters for generations, but after the birth of Woba, the last of the monster kings, a effort to bring the two races together begins.

Trailer: Youtube
Rating sites: , RottenTomatos

Rating: 6.3 / 10, Voted By: 1,216 users
Duration: 111 min

Print: 1080p BluRay
Size: 2.94 GB

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