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Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action

Director: Sanjay Gupta
Starring: Irrfan Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shabana Azmi , Jackie Shroff

Plot: IMDB:
Tensions arise when the daughter of nation's best lawyer is kidnapped. Now she'll have to save a rapist from death sentence, as ransom, within 4 days.

Rotten Tomatoes:
Prominent criminal lawyer Anuradha Verma's daughter is abducted, and the abductor informs her that the only way she will ever see her daughter again is by defending a convicted felon, charged with brutally raping and murdering a young woman. The abductor watches Anuradha's every move, forces her to comply and orchestrates a perfect crime by outwitting the police. Anuradha's friend Yohan, a suspended policeman with disregard for old rules, is too tangled up in his own mess to help her. The prosecutor is a longtime rival who is determined to defeat Anuradha professionally. Anuradha has only seven days before the trial ends and race against time and corruption to save her daughter.

Trailer: Youtube
Rating sites: , RottenTomatos

Rating: 6.0 / 10, Voted By: 1,248 users
Duration: 119 min

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Size: 2.0 GB

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